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Blue Skies Physical Therapy

Blue Skies Physical Therapy is a Physical Therapy clinic owned and operated by Dr. Nancy N. Grieger, DPT, CSCS, EMT. The clinic can be found at Skylark Airport, onsite of Skydive Elsinore, in Team Room 8. In addition to traditional physical therapy services, Blue Skies Physical therapy offers emergency care, on the field assessment, specialized treatment plans for recovery and maintenance. Treatment includes manual techniques, strength and condition to areas such as the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine, upper and lower extremity pain and dysfunction. Private insurance contracts will be obtained to offer services to the local community of Lake Elsinore and neighboring communities.

Our Doctor

Dr. Nancy N. Grieger - DPT, CSCS, EMT

Specialists in Onsite Treatment & Skydiving Injuries

Nancy has been treating injuries since 2002. She has years of experience competing in sports: DII Softball, Swimming, Diving, and Basketball. Her hobbies include: Skydiving, Judging USPA and BPA Canopy Piloting competitions, Mountain Biking, and Snowboarding. A variety of work experiences have exposed her to treating College, Professional sports, and extreme athletes, such as Cirque du Soleil, MMA, and many other professional competitors.

Nancy is trained in manual techniques such as IASTM, sports massage, and mobilization. She is a certified strength and conditioning coach who is also McKenzie trained. Extensive experience in Physical therapy has created an opportunity to offer unique treatment plans, flexible schedules, and a team approach towards your goals.

What We Do

Our Services

Onsite Treatment

Blue Skies Physical Therapy offers immediate and emergency care, clinical evaluation, treatment, education, rehabilitation, conditioning program development, hands-on therapy, exercise and strength training programs.

Skydiving Injuries

Your return to an active lifestyle is our primary concern. Our personalized approach to rehabilitation combined with our welcoming and supportive environment is ready to work with you reducing pain and avoid recurrence of future injuries. Choosing a skydiving Doctor of Physical Therapy certified as a strength and conditioning specialist and EMT is the building blocks for healthier and higher-performing athletes.


Success Stories

  After over 30 years in the sport and 10k+ jumps, my body is definitely not what it used to be, especially not my back. Broke it twice, but only once jumping, doing a ridiculously heavy test jump. Long story. One day right before I was about to start a new job with another group, had to move a 75lbs box full of skydiving stuff in my garage and, BOOM, there went my bag! I was going to do a bunch of AFF starting in two days and I had not time for this. Called upon by a mutual friend, Nancy came to my rescue. She showed me a number of great stretched and exercises to do that would put my back "back in it's place".

Most of the stuff Nancy showed me I had never seen before despite a career of trying to rehab my back, neck and shoulders. Most injuries caused by jumping and snowboarding. What she showed me made wonders. I could not believe how some simple stretches and exercises made correctly would make such a huge difference to my health. As soon as my back starts acting up I revert back to what Nancy taught me and I back in shape in no time. Nancy, you have made a world of difference for my ability to continue working with what I love to do, Skydiving. THANK YOU!! And, yes, she is super nice too.   

  Following an injury sustained from continued AFF beat up in the tunnel and in the air, I was in a position where I was struggling to get out of bed in the morning. Following 1 consultation with Nancy, I was able to continue jumping the following day and within 3 days I was pain free despite continued jumping activity. Highly recommended and thank you very much for keeping me jumping, as well as providing long term solutions to prevent further injury.   

  Nancy, thanks for the PT session on my wrist at Nationals. I was resigned to not jumping, but you made the pain disappear. Better yet, thanks for the exercises you showed me that I can do myself. It's getting better! Blues Skies Physical Therapy really works!    

Our Pricing

Pricing List


Treatments plans are flexible to the patient's schedule and the plan of care created.

  Weekdays $40.00/30 mins. $75.00/60 mins. Weekends, $2.00/min

Special offer

USPA Members: Buy 4-60 min sessions get 5th free. $300 (save $75.00)

Referral Program: Refer a new patient and get $15 off next hour visit (Referred Client has to schedule and prepay or have attended session to receive discount).
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